The Wall Of Shadows (12A)

Thursday 9 Jun

Film Details

Showing in The Other Screen. Films in The Other Screen have a shorter trailer reel of 5 minutes.

King Street Cinema is an official partner of Adventure Club, a new initiative from Tull Stories. Adventure Club brings the best in outdoor/adventure-themed films and documentaries to cinemas. We’re proud to be an Adventure Club Cinema Partner and to bring these amazing films to our local community of adventurers.

A breathtaking and beautifully-filmed story from the Sherpas’ perspective. In faraway Eastern Nepal, there is a holy mountain called Kumbhakarna (aka Jannu). Its peak is home to gods and demons. No man can touch its slopes and it is believed that a Sherpa who dares set foot on the mountain, will die. When Ngada is offered work on an expedition to the forbidden slopes of Kumbhakarna, he must decide whether or not to accept the work, opposing his faith and lamas’ warnings.

Director: Eliza Kubarska

Certificate: 12A

Spoken Language: Tibetan

Subtitles: English

Running Time: 94 minutes

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