Festivals & Seasons

King Street Cinema was the partner venue for the inaugural Suffolk Shorts festival in October 2021, and is a partner venue for SPILL Festival Of Performance and Sound City Ipswich.

King Street Cinema also celebrates film with seasons built around writers, directors and other creative forces in threads like our AUTEURS season.

King Street Cinema will be launching its homegrown film music festival, Suffolk Film Music Festival in the near future. Suffolk Film Music Festival received a soft launch in February 2021 with an exclusive roundtable of award winning composers, conductors and journalists discussing the legacies of composers John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith.

1982: The Future Classics

1982 would go down in history as one of the most eclectic, genre defining and richest years in cinema. We're celebrating this pivotal year throughout 2022, forty years later, with a lineup of incredibly influential films from around the globe. We launch this monumental season with Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER. Much maligned on its initial release…

60 Years Of Bond

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the official cinematic adventures of the British spy, James Bond. This monumental series began in 1962 with Dr. No, based on Ian Fleming’s novel of the same name, and set in motion one of the most enduring film franchises in history. Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman recognised the cinematic potential in…

Verhoeven: Excess & Empire

This May we celebrate the release of Paul Verhoeven's highly acclaimed new film, BENEDETTA, with a season of the Dutch filmmaker's American films and their comment on the country's excess and capitalist imperialism. The season opens with YOU DON'T NOMI, Jeffrey McHale's slyly insightful documentary about Verhoeven's notorious SHOWGIRLS from 1995…

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