Savage Waters (12A)

Thursday 9 Nov

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A tantalising passage in a 19th-century treasure hunter’s journal inspires a family of modern-day adventurers to find and surf a spectacular wave in some of the most remote and dangerous waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

For renowned skipper and thrill-seeker Matt Knight, the challenge of sailing to such an unpredictable and uncharted region is impossible to resist. Joined by world-class big wave surfer Andrew Cotton, plus family and friends, the group faces serious injury and life-threatening challenges as they fulfil their quest.

Narrated by Charles Dance, Mikey Corker’s exhilarating documentary is an intimate and epic portrayal of extraordinary individuals who push the very limits of exploration. It is filmed in some of the most beautiful islands and dangerous waters in the Atlantic, from the West Coast of Ireland to the mighty waters of Nazaré.

The film is an ode to pushing the limits of your world, connecting with the people around you, overcoming adversities with optimism and testing your grit.

Our modern adventurers, just like the 19th-century adventurers they are emulating, will inspire and remind you of what is truly important – especially today.


“Much more than just a surfing or sailing film, Savage Waters offers sharp insights into the unique psychology of extreme sports, the power of a united family, and the daring and resilience it takes to reach your goal when your every instinct is to play it safe.”

Phil de Semlyen, Time Out

“Poignant portrait of a passionate family…compelling.”

Cath Clarke, The Guardian


Close-Up Film

Director: Mikey Corker

Certificate: 12A

Running Time: 93 minutes

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